A World on the Verge of Ruin

The year is 2058. Humanity stands on the edge of oblivion, trapped in the iron grip of the omnipresent Corporation. Amid the turmoil, the unexpected return of the great Himalaya Spaceship ignites whispers of an intricate conspiracy.
Forced to return to Earth due to mysterious mishap, the former commander in chief, once stationed on the remote Titan outpost, grapples with a recurring dream and fragments of lost memories. As he unravels the shadows of his forgotten past and revisits his decaying hometown, he uncovers the truth behind his shattered family. Yet, it all traces back to an unexpectedly lavish reception where he first encounters the enigmatic woman haunting his dreams…

In this intricately woven narrative, each chapter serves as a fragment of the larger puzzle, offering a unique perspective on the unfolding events. Liberated from the confines of linear storytelling, readers have the freedom to navigate the tale as they see fit. Whether starting from the beginning or diving into a specific chapter directly, each reader embarks on a personalized journey, uncovering hidden truths and assembling the pieces of this captivating story in their own distinct way.


Author Lin Shaw

Lin Shaw is a Chinese-born fiction writer currently residing in California. He gained prominence for his novel, which unveils an unrealistically dystopian world intertwined with elements of dreams and oblivion. Drawing from decades of life in the Bay Area, Shaw’s work is profoundly influenced by the region’s diverse cultural milieu. This cultural immersion permeates his stories, offering readers a unique perspective on the tumultuous and ever-changing world we inhabit.


Dedicatedly Crafted over 3 Years

This dystopian fiction, penned amidst the pandemic, draws inspiration from the myriad absurdities that unfolded during this period, offering a speculative glimpse into a foreseeable future.

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What's Inside

To those who pursue freedom, inclusivity, and love.

Chapter 1

New Year

As the New Year approaches, the starship Himalaya unexpectedly returns; the Titan outpost commander is dismissed due to a mysterious incident; long-hidden truths gradually surface through recollection and exploration…

Chapter 2


The returning crew are tormented by the same eerie dream; the woman in the dream seems hauntingly familiar; the special symbols in the dazzling light turn out to be from a ring left behind by the commander’s mother…

Chapter 3


The pattern embedded in the peculiar ring astonishes both allies and adversaries alike, and the secret it conceals is destined to uncover a long-hidden past…

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Recollection and Exploration

Recollection and parallel narratives span the entire book, allowing its brief length to encompass multiple complex stories spanning decades. The distinctive narrative structure permits readers to start from their favorite chapters, offering a unique sequence to grasp the complete picture.


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