Welcome to C.L's Home Page


This is the homepage of a software engineer who has been working on embedded system and multimedia technology for years, or the homepage of one of those air-fairies who has been dreaming of living like an artist, writing pieces of legendary stories, travelling around the world and blablabla.

As a dreamer, I like writing very much and my favorate writer is Franz Kafka. I'm also enthusiastic about drawing and painting, always obessed in the works from Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Egon Schiele and Edvard Munch.

I've collected a bunch of websites of wonderful contemporary arts :

And some crappy sketches from myself (However I believe eventually there would be one day I am satisfied with them) :

As an engineer, I'm pretty interested in following projects(two of them were both initiated by Fabrice Bellard). For some of those projects I've branched them to github for minor fix or unpopular improvement, though never merged back.

As a daydreamer, I am more interested in history, art, literature, movie, modern drama, internet digging , brandy, coffee, black tea, ...