From Dokuwiki to Hugo

I’ve been maintaining a technical wiki for years using the open source project Dokuwiki, however one day it broken due to an unexpected PHP update from my ISP, which was not too much a surprise since one of the major reasons why I chose the plain text based Dokuwiki is I’m not gonna get screwed when this happens. It proved that I was over optimistic: you just can’t get the site back by simply pulling all the raw text files to the corresponding folders of the latest PHP 7 compatible dokuwiki.

Do I have to try something really simple? for example, a 100% static web site? Then I decided to play with Hugo and see how it goes.

Fortunately this also brought me a chance to take a retrospective look at what I’ve learnt in years, as people complain that knowledge in computer science evolves too fast and you’ll get lagged behind sooner than you realize. I have to admit it is absolutely true and a big part of those posts become stale and worthless, programming languages, protocols, software frameworks evolved in the speed of light, while mathmatic methods like linear regression, least squares fitting, stochastic gradient decent are still hot. Might want to study some math though I have rarely got a good score.